My Octosuite Review and Bonus

Software Name: Octosuite
Software Creator: Luke Maguire
Price: $37 – $57

octosuite demo

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Above is a screenshot from the salespage as of right now I’m not entirely sure this is going to be the official sales video as product creators tend to test different videos out.

Luke Maguire is relasing a new social media software very soon and I will be reviewing the product and giving away a nice bonus so stay tuned for my Octosuite review coming soon to a webpage near you!

Latest update July 31st 2016…

Octosuite the World’s First and Only Facebook Marketing Automation Tool You Ever Need

Social media marketing is not easy and if you don’t do it right, you will end up spending all your money for nothing. Successful entrepreneurs use Facebook successfully to reach out to their audience. However, there is no systematic tool available until now to make Facebook advertising easy. The brand new Octosuite is the complete Facebook automation tool created by Luke Maguire, the most successful online entrepreneur who has helped several people to earn a 7-figure income using his social media marketing strategies. Using Octosuite, you can automate every Facebook process and forget about spending several hours trying to make a single post go viral.

Problems with Facebook marketing

With several billions of users all over the world, Facebook is the ideal platform for marketing. However, online entrepreneurs are sucked into the labyrinth of Facebook, and get lost there. While running a full time online business, it can be difficult to manage multiple fan pages. Even if you spend a lot of money, generating targeted traffic through Facebook is extremely difficult to do it on your own. Many entrepreneurs who have solid fan pages with several thousands of likes still struggle to convert the traffic into sales.

Creating viral posts is a magic that many have not mastered. It is usually a chance of luck for entrepreneurs to make their posts go viral. With systematic strategies, it is possible to make every single post of yours go viral. If not approached carefully, you will lose a lot of money on Facebook ads without any positive results. All these problems can be solved quickly with a single click using the Octosuite program.

Improve business social marketing drastically with Octosuite

Octosuite is the first and only social media mass marketing and engagement automation tool that totally eliminates the need to post a manual update. Within seconds, you can automate all your fan pages. All you need to do is find some viral content and click on a button to create automatic viral posts. The content for an entire month can be created automatically within seconds and Octosuite will even drip feed the content to multiple fan pages according to your schedule. Octosuite will work on your behalf, even after you switch off your computer. You can even automate the process of finding viral content and enjoy watching the comments and likes in real time.

Using Octosuite, you can search for viral content from various social media platforms and post it on your fan page with one click. You can find similar fan pages within Facebook and post to your group instantly. You can also easily watch your competition and learn what works for your target audience. Get latest trending news from twitter directly and use it on Facebook for cross social media marketing. Using Octosuite, search for trending tags and videos on YouTube and make them available for your Facebook audience. This tool also provides real time tracking feature so that you don’t have to use any other tool ever again for Facebook marketing. The cloud based tool is available anytime anywhere without any restriction.